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Useful Links

Here you will find some useful Videos, Links and Information.

We Use & Recommend Motorcycle Guru for ALL of your Bikes mechanical needs. Contact Info Below

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Road Craft Video’s

How’s your roadcraft?
Tips for Cornering
Are you returning to Riding?
Tips for Group Motorcycle Rides
Protective Clothing
Crash Scene First Aid
Clasic Crash Scenarios
Reading Road Users
Group Riding and Further Training 

Motorcycle License Course Providers

Motorcycle Masters Qride on the Gold Coast

Carrara QLD

0403 480 407

Gold Coast Motorcycle Training

Unit 5, 42 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Phone: 0418 749 911

Motorcycle Shops & Service

We use Motorcycle Guru for our maintenance on all our Bikes.

Julian can be contacted on

Mob: 0439 394 364

Unit 1/36 Lawrence Drive Nerang